The UFO phenomenon has evolved over the decades, or at the very least our perception of the subject has. With each new sighting and each new eyewitness report we are able to add a few more pieces to the puzzle, thus the big picture of what is happening is becoming more clear.

1950's - 1970's
The Hybrids Project by Object Report

In the early UFO years from the 1950's, 60's and 70's the fixation on craft and sightings and the incoming data for the general public was very much visual and iconic - the magic and mystery of the unknown in the Earth's skies was reinforced by film and television shows which portrayed UFOs in various human-perspective scenarios. Our human perspective of what these strange craft and objects represented was evolving each decade as more eyewitness accounts came forward and our own technology progressed - such as the internet which allowed the possibility for every witness to tell their story and for near real time updates on all facets of the contact phenomenon.


The Hybrids Project by Object Report
A massive shift in UFO awareness came about in the 1980's when reports of abductions began to make their way into books such as Communion, Taken, and Guardians, and the UFO mystery turned to fear. The late 1980's saw the internet come into common use allowing the everyman to publish their own reports of abduction and tell their story without ridicule. These abductions were taking place at night, commonly around 3 to 4 am with surgical precision and high levels of technology. This new collective dread, granted understandable considering the vivid and harrowing details, allowed our deepest fears about the vastness and potential of the universe to solidify within our minds.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report

The 1990's saw an increase in the details of the technology and logistics of these abductions - different types of beings were seen, bug-like, grey skin, small blue people, even dead relatives. Then we began to hear about the "Hybrids", those fragile children seen aboard alien craft who appeared to be both human and alien and most significantly telepathic. The made-for-TV series Intruders was remarkable in addressing the hybrid-being aspect of the abduction phenomenon and maintained a reasonable degree of accuracy in its portrayal of the methodology and appearance of both the small grays and the hybrid beings as typically described aboard craft by abductees.

2000 to Present
The Hybrids Project by Object Report

After 2000 the resolution increased and today we have a high definition picture of what is happening behind the UFO scenes, thanks to CE4 eyewitnesses like Whitley Strieber, Ed Walters and Jim Sparks who have a unique conscious recall of their abduction events. The general tone today is quite different than all of the previous decades with less fear and more understanding that indeed perhaps all of the crafts and night activity have been for the sole purpose of creating a hybrid species using human and alien DNA. The question now is, what does the future hold?

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