About the Artwork

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
The information, illustrations and scene recreations contained in this website exist, and can only be shared with the world, thanks to the hard work of researchers, writers and CE4 eyewitnesses. To our readers we would like to state that this information has been diligently collected and represents literally hundreds of hours of conversation with experts in the field as well as abductees who were generous with their time and participated in the development of these renderings to assure as high a degree of accuracy as possible.

As utterly bizarre and surreal as some of these renderings may appear to be, they are based entirely upon input directly from abductees and CE4 eyewitnesses. We have kept to an essential minimum our artistic interpretation of what these beings look like and have relied heavily upon abductee notes, sketches and their verbal descriptions of the beings, craft and surroundings. In most instances there have been multiple eyewitnesses of a particular type of being allowing for a triangulation of anatomy and detail.

Agent D and Agent K quickly became friends when they first met in 1996 having a common interest in UFOs and began a lively internet discussion on the topic including the abduction phenomenon, crop circles and UFO sightings. They were soon involved in pro bono scene recreations for a number of UFO researchers, abductees and writers. In 2007 the duo created the UFO news aggregate website The Object Report which, over the years, has become one of the top UFO news resources on the internet. In 2010 the Agents began to write special reports covering current and historical events on their Special Reports blog.

Re-posting of the images contained within this blog on the internet is allowed as long as (1) the "www.theobjectreport.com" watermark is visible on the image and the image has not been altered in any way. (2) Written credit is given to "www.theobjectreport.com" either preceding the re-posted image or following the image. The Object Report artists retain the exclusive copyright and therefore the absolute right to refuse permission of usage on the internet and to request said images be removed at the artists discretion and request. Inclusion of any images within this blog within printed material requires prior authorization from the creators. Please contact us via email for print or commercial inquiries. 

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