The blondes are active participants in the hybrid project. We have eyewitness reports in which they have been encountered on the same craft alongside hybrids. One well known instance is the Travis Walton encounter. Travis, a logger in Arizona, was taken aboard a craft after approaching too close and interacting with the lower field surrounding the UFO as witnessed by his coworkers on November 5th, 1975. Travis subsequently disappeared for five days before being found outside a gas station in Heber, Arizona over 30 miles from his original location. In addition to several smaller beings, Travis encountered three Nordic Blonde beings - two males and a female. The smaller beings Travis encountered have been illustrated through detailed drawings based directly on Walton's recall and with what we know of the hybrid appearance today, these beings were likely hybrids.

In the 1950's, benevolent aliens known colloquially as "Space Brothers" were common, these were the Nordic type aliens; tall, blonde, very human though with strange eyes, warning of the dangers of the atomic arms race and the pressing need for us, as a species, to elevate our awareness and understanding of our place in the Universe. Some have suggested the Blondes are also known as the Pleiadians. As encounters with the Grays became more common, many variations became apparent - small, tall, large eyes, small eyes and variations in skin color other than grey. Other beings were often associated with them, particularly by Whitley Strieber in his "Communion" book series - some were even squat and blue in color. Strieber referred to these as "The Good Army", and they have some resemblance to the robotic type beings often reported by the patients of Dr. John Mack in his book "Abduction: Human Interaction with Aliens".

In addition to these cases we also have reports of Blondes who appear to have some degree of Gray DNA as reflected in their physical appearance. Again, like the Tall Grays, the Nordics or Pleiadians appear to possess advanced technology and telepathic powers. These telepathic powers are likely reinforced through technology aboard their craft but likely also represents an ability derived through advanced genetic manipulation. Jim Sparks speaks about lingering telepathic effects days after being aboard the craft.

In a particularly fascinating first hand eyewitness report from 1954 in West Midlands, England, Jessie Roestenberg, then aged 29 and her two children witnessed a object flying overhead then hovering just over her house. Jessie described the event as two blonde humanoid figures in a Mexican-hat shaped craft with a perspex dome on top staring down at them. Her description is very detailed and, for all intents and purposes, as genuine as it gets. Jessie Roestenberg's account falls into the unique and rare category in which an eyewitness has been face to face with extraterrestrials allowing us to verify certain physical and anatomical attributes.

The Blondes could very well be original contributors to our current human DNA structure. They are extremely similar to humans in terms of physical appearances and this likely is not coincidental. If they are not direct genetic contributors to the current human genome, us, then they are evidence of a pervasive humanoid appearance that weaves through the galaxy and multiverse. Are they perfect, beautiful humans or are they advanced beings who appear as perfect when temporarily in physical form? The real answer could be a little of both. Perhaps our ambiguity in understanding exactly what the Blondes are in physical terms is partly an effect of our ignorance of how things truly function in higher dimensions in conjunction with our fear of realizing just how fluidly these beings can move their consciousness from one state to another.

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