Holographic Multiverse

Contact with extraterrestrials is occurring now and our generation will witness the unfolding of this new reality. The big question is why now? Why us? Based upon the facts gathered from extensive close encounter eyewitness testimony we know that the Tall Grays are creating hybrid beings to perpetuate their lineage, no longer having the ability to reproduce using their extraordinary technology and their current genome. But why us and why now?

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Humanity at this point in time is experiencing a paradigm shift in technology which will have a profound impact on not only our lives but will affect our galactic neighbors as well. Thus, from the greater vantage point of more advanced civilizations we can no longer be left in our quarantine state to harmlessly evolve without outside interference. Inevitably, our actions from this point on will affect everything within the local galaxy and, in fact, our shenanigans began in the 1940's when humans began detonating nuclear devices, an act of intent and a level of technology that likely represented some phase within the long, slow process toward galactic level contact with other beings and perhaps even higher levels of dimensional contact.

Another logical expectation is the fast, upward, technology curve wherein humans will exponentially increase their technology not within hundreds of years but within a matter of decades. As ET contact induces a shedding of old dogma, our greed-based processes will be replaced with game changing advances in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence based modes of efficiency. We speculate that this "knee of the curve" becomes so sharply upward in scope that all civilizations within the multiverse who have survived to experience this technology burst simply snap into a singularity of universal connectedness. To put it simply; to possess a fraction of this magical technology is to possess all of it, thus humans will experience a quantum leap and subsequently a quantum role within this multiverse.

It should be stressed that open contact will not only involve other beings from our Milky Way Galaxy, but will include beings from the whole of the cosmos and will include humans who are deceased but continue to exist in another dimension currently unseen. When we engage in a conversation about hidden dimensions and unseen realities the mind begins to approach an event horizon as it were. The harder we look, the more we speculate and the possibilities become boundless if not infinite and impossible for the mind to take in. Nevertheless, something big is going to happen and the boundaries of our reality will very quickly expand. This expansion or shockwave will likely not be so great as to disrupt our ability to eat, drink and complete the basic functions of daily life. In fact, the contact process is so slow many people are infuriated at the lack of evidence but one must consider that real evidence of ET's would not simply validate a few embattled speculations - real evidence must be on a global scale, readily seen and understood by all humans. This global evidence will completely upend the archaic and militaristic control system that is currently running this planet. According to CE4 information the first beings that will make contact with us will be those Hybrids that are very close to us genetically and in appearance. This is logical and this will serve as a reasonable emotional 'buffer' of sorts for humans.

First contact with these immediate Hybrids will not be overly shocking because these visitors will be our children, our genetic offspring who possess human DNA. They will share our humanoid appearance but they will not share our philosophy and history simply because they were not nurtured here on Earth. These Hybrid Beings will act as a bridge between what we currently know and understand to the vast reality of the real cosmos with details and information that will seem impossible to believe at first, but in time we will reap the benefits of this expansion of our intelligence ushered in by these transdimensional Visitors.

It is reasonable to ask "but Agent D, Agent K where is the evidence that Hybrids are coming, that they even exist?" There was a first contact event back in 1997 in Phoenix Arizona, the massive UFO sighting famously known as "The Phoenix Lights" event. This in fact was the large craft of the first Hybrid race that will make direct contact with all humans. No, this wasn't a military craft dropping flares. There has been a desperate attempt to cover this event up by the thugs who have been ridiculing and smearing the UFO community from day one (perhaps for legitimate reasons in their small minds). Consider that Fife Symington the Governor of Arizona at the time of the boomerang shaped craft flyover later admitted he lied and covered up information.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Symington alienating his voters
Fife Symington is the charming character who brought out some buffoon dressed in an alien suit at the infamous press conference in order to ridicule literally thousands of legitimate eyewitnesses. Governor Symington saw firsthand the "football field-sized silent boomerang craft" along with all the other Arizonians out that night, but he chose to lie about it to avoid what he called political suicide. This is the control system that is in place, people. Forget all the white noise and endless UFO fodder you have been bombarded with over the years. Here is one solid, tangible nugget of cover up gold. We have on record a high level US Government official admitting to lying, covering up information and initiating a smear campaign. This is one of the extremely rare public exposures of the ongoing UFO cover up, but you can use your imagination to visualize the vast number of secret military campaigns against eyewitnesses over the decades. We are governed by gun toting cowards and liars and we have clear proof of this. Don't be fooled by superficial smear campaigns set up by thugs who are afraid of change and the unknown.

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