Beings that have remained out of focus for quite some time and who in general are looked upon as intimidating or imposing are the Reptilians or Draco. Although the impression we humans have of Reptilians is polar, good versus evil, one thing is consistent among Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind, or CE4, eyewitnesses and that is the appearance or physiology of these enormous beings. As with most other beings seen aboard UFOs or dimensional craft, the Reptilians are humanoid, simply meaning a vertical symmetry of two legs two arms and a head with two eyes and two ears. As the name implies, they have the appearance of a reptilian origin. The modern coinage we have applied to these beings of "Reptilian" does not necessarily indicate their evolutionary past. Eyewitness descriptions simply match that of our current day Earth reptiles, however we do not have information as to what planet these beings come from nor can we simply assume they are reptilian. If we assume there is a general continuum from planet to planet of like scenario evolutionary lines, ie mammals, insects, reptiles and for example, early mammals from small hairy land animals and small scurrying reptile creatures - then we can speculate what evolutionary line the enigmatic Reptilians might represent.

Interestingly, given that we have a number of detailed yet varied eyewitness descriptions of insect humanoid beings as well as bird like beings and mammal based humanoids. Assuming not all of these ET races are from Planet Earth in some distant past or far future - we can make a reasonable assertion that, yes in fact, similar or universal animal classifications extend to other solar systems, planets and likely to other galaxies. 

It has been suggested by some CE4 eyewitnesses who have simply been told by beings aboard craft and in telepathic conversation that the Reptilians or Reptoids are from the Clade Dinosauria with some abductees being told that indeed these humanoid dinosaur beings are from Terra or Earth, from a distant path hundreds of millions of years earlier if not possibly over a billion years past. How it is you and I can see Reptilians in the here and now once again stems from the notion that the essence of quantum reality-- the prime physics of the universe--is that time is an illusion and there is only "now". The UFOs are far more than mere starships and these craft are so elaborate they are literally constructed in multiple dimensions simultaneously when fabricated, not just a single dimension. The craft are conscious, living machines that can change quantum resonance to move from any reality to another parallel reality, any period within what we consider the time stream. This simply means that to be on board a UFO means to be within a space that is nowhere in particular in time. It is the ultimate rendezvous point for all living beings who have ever been and will ever be. This would explain quite a bit when one reflects on the true potential of the "now". It would explain why we see such a variation of beings aboard UFOs and how, mechanically, we might be seeing past cousins of Earth origin in the Reptilians and future cousins who have evolved on Earth in the Mantids. Humans are possessive and we have a natural tendency to assume the Earth is completely ours, but taken in a non-linear point of view - we are sharing Terra with possibly several races of Dinosaur and Insectoid origins and possibly even a bird-like race.

Are the Reptilians or Dracos as they have been called evil, with dark plans? Is there a connection to the Illuminati as some researchers have suggested? We have reliable eyewitnesses who certainly have seen and heard things in the company of Reptilians such as Simon Parkes the famous UK politician who has come forth with nearly impossible to believe accounts of 8 foot tall green Mantids and equally difficult to imagine Reptilian beings who eat bloody holograms and stomp around in military parade fashion carrying Roman-like banners with small human children in tow. You'll just have to read Simon's acccount of being in the presence of Reptlians, in his own words, as the scenarios are literally mind bending.

On the flip side, we have a number of eyewitnesses who have encountered and spoken with benevolent Reptoids and have relayed to us encounters with these gentle giants who seem to be genuinely concerned about humans and their well being. It has been suggested by many experiencers that, like human beings, Reptilians as a whole represent a spectrum of love and malice and cannot be labelled at once as either. They likely have their share of military oriented personalities, intellectuals, artists, philosophers and so on. 

What we do know is that the Reptilians are certainly participants within the overall Hybrid program. There have been multiple CE4 eyewitnesses who have encountered Hybrid children who appear to have a significant portion of Reptilian DNA. We also have eyewitnesses who have reported seeing Hybrid children with reptilian characteristics in the presence of adult Reptilians.

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