Tall Grays

The Tall Grays, according to many abductees, appear to be the initiators of the hybridization agenda. The consensus from decades of CE4 testimony points to the conclusion that our Tall Grays are Transhumans from a future or parallel reality Earth that has (or will) destroy their environment and thus appear as they do to us physically having manipulated their DNA for tens of thousands of years. Yes, this sounds like science fiction and no one can be faulted for not being able to fully accept this future mutated human scenario. All we can do is consider the reports and correlate the known facts the best we can and rule out known hoaxes. We do however have dozens of impeccable eye witnesses who have offered up consistent testimony over a period of years if not decades. Be skeptical, but do not allow skepticism more air time than it deserves.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Abductee encountering a Tall Gray and several Small Grays
CE4 testimony indicates the Grays have reached an impasse with their ability to continue in their present biological form and having the technology and the need they thus began the Hybrid Program in order to continue their civilization. The big question then is why now? Why us?

The Grays interacting with humans at this juncture offers us a fascinating hypothesis. It is reported that the Grays reside in our human future 50,000 years from now. This number is difficult to fathom and yet offers a simple explanation as to why reports of Tall Gray activity and technology give the impression of being too paranormal or magical to take seriously as any technology from so far into a future couldn't reasonably be expected to be anything less than fantasy level. It would be mind altering to imagine a reality with humans on Earth in say 5,000 years time but 50,000 years sounds astronomical and we simply cannot comprehend the physiological changes or technological changes that will have occurred in that time, or can we?

Incredibly, it looks as though we can get a glimpse of something that would otherwise be impossible, something akin to seeing a living dinosaur but in the opposite direction on the timeline. We can see what happens in a future 50,000 years from now because the Grays are us, they are humans and they possess the technology to quantum tunnel to our reality. We can see what they look like and we can observe their technology - the craft they move around in. This is utterly amazing!

What's even more incredible is the possibility that we are witnessing in the Grays the end of the evolution line. A cosmic crossing of the finish line where a species can evolve or mutate no further. Indeed, this hyper technology state of the Grays is so powerful it is bleeding over into our reality and we may in fact be engulfed within the ripples of this merging timeline. We are feeling the effects of their 50,000 year technology while simultaneously witnessing our own beginning of this advanced technology, the birth of computers, genetic manipulation and the infancy of space exploration. Ultimate technology has circled back to meet the beginning of its original course.

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