Here we are in the present - the year is 2016 - and we have reports of Tall Grays, Small Grays, Nordics, Mantid beings, along with implants being removed by doctors (Dr. Leir) with strange lab results. We have people reporting missing time and awakening with strange visions of the future, unearthly mathematical concepts (Stan Romanek), people awakening in their beds at 3 am with mysterious self healing scars and sometimes even wearing the wrong clothes.

Depiction of Small Grays performing a routine patient abduction
Over the decades we have been provided with multiple reports of abductees being shown strange, humanoid babies and asked to hold these babies and to show them affection. Hundreds (if not thousands) of women have told stories of missing fetuses and phantom pregnancies. Male abductees have told us of face to face encounters with apparently alien-human children and at times even encountering a dead relative. What exactly is going on here? Why are abductees seeing all of the different types of beings; Grays, Nordics and Mantids with these hybrid children? At first glance these reports and the pieces of evidence seem chaotic, fragmented and random but upon closer observation there is a pattern and a repeating logic. Indeed, there appears to be a hierarchy of personnel involved in the hybrid project with each holding a unique function or purpose. Let's take a look at the hierarchy based upon the evidence and testimony to date in order to better understand who and what is behind this hybridization program.

The massive Hybrid Project and the sphere of influence represented in an onion layer hierarchy diagram

If we take a look at the Hybrid Program Sphere of Influence schematic (above) we can see the "Who's Who" onion layers and gain a better understanding of the overall hierarchy as seen from our human perspective. The inner core of the onion represents the least amount of power or influence. The outer layers represent the greatest power and control and likewise each outward layer represents an increase in the ability to traverse time and space in the cosmos.

  • Super Conscious Beings - Advanced beings from other realms with limitless influence/control.
  • Tall Grays - Transhumans with ultra technology directing the hybrid program.
  • Mantids - Insect like beings possessing ultra technology working with the Tall Grays.
  • Good Dead - Deceased humans with access to ultra technology and time space movement.
  • Blondes - Human like beings with ultra technology participating within the hybrid program
  • Reptilians - Beings possibly of Clade Dinosauria origin possessing ultra technology
  • Hybrid Humans - Composite beings who are the end result of the hybrid program
  • MILAB - Military humans with high knowledge and the ability to move about the solar system  
  • Abductees - Interact with higher beings and occasionally leave Earth and/or visit other dimensions
  • Dark Dead - Earth bound deceased humans who have limited abilities over the population.
  • Population - All ordinary Earth humans who typically have little or no knowledge of higher beings.


Breakdown of the Hierarchy

You and I are at the center of the diagram - the core of the sphere of influence. We, the Human Population, have very little influence over those beings in higher levels and generally have zero physical mobility into space. The general knowledge level of ET activity and other realms is in it's lowest state here.

The next level we refer to as the Dark Dead which is comprised of humans who are deceased and no longer have a physical body and yet they have not progressed into higher dimensions. Though they are Earth bound, the dark dead see more of reality and what is hidden from the living according to Strieber's visitor in his book The Key.

Abductees have experiences both conscious and unconscious involving traveling aboard craft away from the confines of Earth and in some cases have access to high level information directly from beings in the higher levels of the sphere of influence. Thus, abductees have greater mobility than the general population and a higher level of awareness of reality. Abductees can and do affect the general population below them.

Whereas abductees may or may not be conscious during their CE4 interactions, we have independent reports of military personnel who are very much conscious and involved with not only the abductees but the higher level beings themselves and thus have great mobility on the Earth and off. These people are behind the so called military abductions and are generally referred to as MILAB. They have been witnessed extensively by many individuals and well described by Whitley Strieber and AJ among others. They have control of abductees aboard craft and on the planet's surface. Though these MILAB beings are likely human, they are far removed from the normal lifestyle and daily routine of surface bound humans. What they know and are capable of we can only speculate.

One level above our charming military group are Human Hybrids who are reported to live off world but within our solar system. They have access to advanced technology and are telepathic. Though currently living off world, we have reports of human hybrids visiting incognito in safe areas of populated cities in order to acclimate themselves for future interaction with the population. Human hybrids have a great deal of influence over all levels beneath them and are themselves the reason for this entire program.

The elusive Reptilians have access to ultra technology and are telepathic. It is possible they are humanoid beings of clade Dinosauria origins and are the result of an earlier hybrid program far in the past on Earth. Their interaction with us now is evidence of their ability to move outside of time and space through extremely advanced technologies. It is reported that the Reptilians are playing a role in the hybridization program although their contribution of DNA does not seem to hold the priority of that of the Tall Gray DNA within the hybrid beings. However, we the Population simply don't know the full extent of the hybrid program which could be far more vast and complex than we can imagine at this time.

The Blondes or Nordic beings have been seen aboard UFOs on many occasions and have a very close physical appearance to human beings. They also possess advanced technology and are highly telepathic. Their role in the hybrid program is uncertain however CE4 eyewitness "AJ" reports encountering a Blonde being with large eyes and thinner blonde hair, suggesting he might have been a Gray-Blonde Hybrid.

Residing one level higher than the Blondes are the Good Dead. This group consists of deceased humans who have moved onto another realm of existence. We place human souls on this level assuming they have all knowledge of physics and events of all the levels lower than them and - being free of a physical body - likely have greater  quantum mobility throughout the cosmos than the incarnate. Deceased relatives are frequently seen aboard craft by CE4 witnesses.

Also seen by CE4 eyewitnesses quite often are the Mantid type beings. These beings are humanoid and usually bipedal having a torso, two arms, two legs and two eyes but are certainly based upon insect evolution, evident from their appearance. Here they are placed on the same hierarchical level as that of the Tall Grays as they are often reported to be as emotionless as the Grays and very active in clinical procedures with patients. Interestingly, like the Tall Grays and their subordinate Small Gray drones, David Huggins witnessed smaller Praying Mantis type drones working in tandem with the Small Gray drones. CE4 abductee AJ reports seeing several beings who appeared to be the possible genetic combination of  Tall Gray and Mantid genetics.

The Tall Grays appear to be the initiators of the human hybrid program and are apparently the highest level of this extremely complex program that extends outside our solar system to other worlds and possibly even other dimensions. The Tall Grays are physically active in the program both contributing their advanced genome and managing the logistics of this multidimensional endeavor.

Super Conscious Beings we place at the highest level of the hierarchy though very little is known of them. They appear to patients at times of stress or discomfort and possess great compassion and intellect. Super conscious beings might represent an extremely advanced collective that participates in an overview capacity making an audit of progress and from time to time by interacting with individuals subjected to these medical procedures.

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Looking at the Hybrid Program sphere of influence from a larger perspective we can get a sense of the limited mobility into the universe we have as humans - the center of the onion. Moving outward from Earth we can see that MILAB people can move about into the solar system with the human Hybrids likely able to move about the entirety of our Milky Way Galaxy. Higher level beings such as the Blondes and Grays are likely able to move from galaxy to galaxy.

At the outer most onion layer Super Conscious Beings might have the ability to move across various dimensional planes allowing for an interconnected multiverse wherein various galaxies and universes comprised of hybridized physical beings can rendezvous on the common ground that is the interior of an alien star craft or UFO.

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