Tall White Beings

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Tall White Being described by CE4 abductee AJ - click for a larger image
Not to be confused with the Tall Blondes we also have CE4 reports of Tall White beings. Whereas the Blondes are reported to have thick blonde-white hair and a substantial muscular frame the tall white beings are over seven feet tall and have a thin frame. Their hair is described as thin and like the fuzz on a peach. Their eyes are large and deep blue with a slight 'wrap around' appearance.

We have several encounters on record with the Tall Whites with a general consistency in their appearance from eyewitness to eyewitness. AJ describes an encounter with a being that fits the Tall Whites description, "I was facing these three Beings. The Being in the middle was quite tall and thin and he resembled a wizard in a way. His long white and blue robe was moving and flowing as if it had an energy of its own, or perhaps it was even an extension of his self. There was an enormous amount of energy appearing to come from within him. I knew without a doubt that I was in the presence of extraterrestrials." Are the Tall Whites simply a large group of hybrids who are the genetic result of Tall Gray DNA mixed with another race? The large eyes hint in this direction, however other reports seem to suggest they are a separate race altogether - though this fact unto itself does not rule out a hybrid connection as it now appears highly likely that all beings in the cosmos are hybrids to some degree.

There are two other interesting accounts of the Tall Whites, but these encounters do not come from patients of the hybrid program and thus the credibility is not quite on the same level as those abductees who have reported their experiences over years or decades.

Colin Andrews has an excellent write up on his website in which a police officer in the UK encounters three beings who might fit the tall white description. Because these three beings do not have the unique, muscular build often described with the Nordic types, it leans the possibility into the direction that these three beings are Tall Whites. The illustration accompanying the article certainly looks to be similar to that of the Tall Whites.

Charles Hall talks frequently about tall whites and a possible US government connection in his book Millennial Hospitality. Hall's description of the Tall Whites also covers details regarding the construction of their interstellar craft as well as his personal interactions with these beings in the Nevada desert. The account of Charles Hall is intriguing but the degree of involvement between the Tall Whites and the US Government is generally outside of the normal description of the hybridization program. However, it is certainly not impossible and there have been hints from other CE4 eyewitnesses of clandestine government involvement.

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