Unidentified Flying Objects have been reported in seemingly countless configurations. A few of these UFO configurations are witnessed in the skies more often than other craft and avid readers of The Object Report are likely aware that we have written multiple Special Reports which seem to indicate a dramatic increase in the sightings of these enormous Black Triangle craft across the country. There have been a plethora of these triangular craft witnessed and recorded worldwide over the course of the past 100 years.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Depiction of a 'Black Triangle' type craft by The Object Report
According to what we've learned from CE4 abductees, these black triangle craft are the interstellar (or interdimensional) self-aware craft of the Hybrid Beings. Keep in mind that these visitations are not occurring in a linear fashion as these craft are literally time machines. The Grays, Mantids, Nordics and Hybrid beings are all capable of entering our atmosphere and our reality in a non-linear fashion at any point in time they choose. There are arguments that this violates known physics and paradox rules - however our understanding of how mass and matter is not complete and indeed we seem to be missing key factors of how the universe or multiverse functions. This is covered briefly in the multiverse section, or with much more depth in the special report by Agent D: "Through the Looking Glass: Faster Than Light Explained?"

But the UFO phenomenon goes back further than the last hundred years, it's been primarily in the past sixty years that the majority of advances from reverse-engineered alien and hybrid technology have happened. Classified research into this 'foreign technology' from the visitors has been ongoing for decades by MILAB and people like Charles Hall, Ben Rich and Don Phillips who were intimately involved in such programs have independently confirmed this to be a fact. We even recently had deathbed testimony from Ben Rich, the former director of Lockheed, confirming that we already possess technology to 'take ET home' as Rich puts it. We cover this topic in more depth in the special report "Separating Fact from Fiction: Project Silver Bug, the Military and Reverse Engineering"

So the question isn't whether these craft exist and are being encountered personally by thousands of eyewitnesses, the question becomes: which beings are operating what craft and why? With testimony taken directly from abductees and CE4 eyewitnesses we have been able to piece together a more comprehensive view of the different types of craft utilized for varying purposes by the different beings. The craft configurations span the full gamut from enormous black triangles and cigar shaped craft to atypical barrel shaped craft, as in the case of Ed Walters. The point here is that as you read through literally thousands of abduction case reports, as we have, you begin to see correlations between cases in terms of the shapes and sizes of the craft themselves.

The Black Triangles

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Massive Triangles and Mass Abductions
We reported in a previous Object Report Special Report about a CE4 abductee using the alias of Pat who told of seeing several large triangles during a mass abduction event. We have kept the rendering (at right) of the large bronze colored triangles deliberately dark. This image at full screen will give you an idea of what the eye witness saw as she stood in an open clearing in the middle of a forest in the pre-dawn hours of the morning. The details of this event, covered in depth in our special report, readily place the tall and short Grays with the silent triangular craft.

The triangles are involved with mass abductions and we have some of the abductees like Pat remaining fully conscious, or more specifically, they are allowed to retain the memories of the experience and a few like Pat are used to calm and maneuver the large groups of people who apparently remember little or nothing of the event after the fact. Triangles certainly seem to be the shape du jour and it gives us the impression that not only are we hearing more and more reports of triangle sightings, but we are getting clearer details from the witnesses of what is going on beneath and inside these craft.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Object Report Rendering of the Camarillo, CA Black Triangle
In March of 2013 we received an exceptionally detailed email from an eyewitness who recounted an up close and personal sighting of a very large black triangle craft near Camarillo, California, which he observed from within a 400 foot range. Over the course of seven weeks we corresponded with the witness, asking detailed questions and receiving equally detailed answers of his sighting which we covered in exhaustive detail in our Special Report: "Anatomy of a Black Triangle Sighting". Our interaction with 'Willard' - if you read the full article - ultimately proved that people will go out of their way to debunk those who have witnessed something extraordinary, our society has been taught to ridicule anyone with an alternative viewpoint and to immediately place an 'unknown' into a 'known' category, regardless of the facts and details.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
An interesting side effect of posting eyewitness UFO encounters such as Willard's is that it often motivates others to come forth with their own stories. Within a week another Object Report reader provided us with excellent details of his own black triangle UFO sighting on the opposite side of the country in Franklin, Tennessee. This eyewitness contacted us after doing a Google image search for "black triangle UFO" and subsequently contacted us with an excellent, detailed email of what he saw. The witness also provided detailed photos of his house and the location of the black triangle sighting giving us a high degree of confidence in the integrity of his encounter, as evidenced by our short special report on this sighting. An interesting point to note about this sighting was the fact that the triangle flew with a wide side forward - not the point. This obviously points toward an unconventional propulsion system such as electromagnetic or electrogravitic.

Saucer Shaped Craft

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Scene recreation based upon Ed Walter's photographs

Ed Walters of the Gulf Breeze sightings fame captured several controversial photographs of roughly disc-shaped UFOs near his home in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Ed Walter's encounters were unprecedented in terms of clarity and being so well documented. This material appears to have alarmed the government which quickly instigated a smear campaign against him. The Object Reporters are currently working on a Special Report that exposes this smear campaign against Ed Walters and the blatant lies put forth by people working for deep black intelligence services and/or the MILAB folks. The UFO repeatedly photographed and video taped personally by Ed Walters is circular but more barrel shaped than the typical disk and evidence points to this configuration being used by the Tall Grays or, more specifically, carrying teams of Small Grays who ostensibly carry out human abductions in a highly organized, synchronized manner.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
The disc-shaped UFO is still the most commonly reported shape of past encounters involving abductees. CE4 witness "Jack" described to the Object Report in great detail an encounter with a being that was either a Gray or a hybrid being who appeared through a 'cockpit window opening' in a disc-shaped craft. This craft hovered just above the ground and appeared to be approximately the size of a house with only the single pilot in the cockpit. We could cite hundreds, even thousands, of sightings of saucer shaped craft associated with abduction sequences. This configuration seems to be the most common and there are reasons - obviously related to fundamental physics - that this shape is most prevalent. 

Cigar Shaped Craft

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
A Gray Being maneuvering a cigar shaped craft as seen during an abduction event
Cigar shaped UFOs have long been associated with sightings of large unidentified craft in our atmosphere and these cigar UFOs possibly house smaller spherical scout sized UFOs. Travis Walton presents one of the most detailed accounts of the interior of a cigar shaped craft after having apparently explored the interior of one, and not surprisingly, encountering several blonde Nordic type aliens. Paul Hill, a former director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs, discusses at length his own sighting of a cigar-shaped UFO in his ground-breaking book "Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis" which is required reading for any true Ufologist.

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Tim Edwards cigar footage, 1995
As far as we know, these cigar shaped craft are used as carriers for smaller scout craft and may likely be long range craft used to cross vast distances. There have been several pieces of extremely compelling video of this type of craft both launching and retrieving smaller orbs or what appear to be much smaller scout craft. One such famous bit of amateur video footage was shot in Salida, Colorado back in 1995 by a man named Tim Edwards, showing a very clear cigar shaped craft hovering in place in broad daylight with smaller orbs flying in close proximity to it. This footage has been professionally analyzed by several independent analysts (including ourselves) and has been determined to be authentic.


Atypical Configurations

The Hybrids Project by Object Report
Scene recreation of the Cash-Landrum Incident by The Object Report
based upon eyewitness testimony
Sometimes we are faced with a UFO configuration that defies conventional description or categorization. One such encounter was the Cash-Landrum incident which took place northeast of Houston, Texas in 1980. We thought it might be worth taking a closer look at the facts of this case while shedding some more light on what is widely considered to be one of the 'Top 10' CE2 UFO cases on record. We investigated this incident in a special report entitled "The Cash-Landrum Incident: Evidence, Denials and Deductions". While we may never uncover the truth of what this particular craft was, we do know that it utilized an unconventional propulsion system which had a long-lasting, negative physiological effect on the eyewitnesses and it forever changed their lives. There was a wealth of data collected over the course of this incident and it's resulting fallout on those involved, perhaps there's yet more to decipher from that event. The takeaway point from the Cash-Landrum incident was that there is a distinct possibility this object was transdimensional in origin and possibly related in some way to the visitors.

So here we are at present day in 2014 and it appears that we're seeing less variety in UFO configurations but also much higher quality sightings, sometimes even in broad daylight for longer durations of time. If anything, we have seen an increase in the sense of urgency from the visitors in more recent reports from abductees. This all points toward increased activity in the hybridization program and we will continue to see more UFO activity the nearer we come to the point of open contact.

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