Willa Hillicrissing

It all began when we posted our special report "Anatomy of a Black Triangle Sighting". In our quest to construct a 3D model of the silent black triangle as described by the observer, Agent K and I began searching the internet for authentic images of black triangles and this led us to one particular drawing that had very unique features that could not have been randomly included. Researching deeper into this particular triangle image led us to the name "Yahyel" and this name led us to the name "Essassani" which ultimately led us to Bashar. Our discovery of this Bashar character is when all hell broke loose. I can't even begin to cover the things coming from this Bashar, so you'll need to ride that roller coaster on your own time. More relevant to the subject of Hybrids is a being introduced by Bashar - a female entity who goes by the name of Willa.

Willa is from what we would call the future. She is a human-ET hybrid being with advanced DNA, a true trans-human with what we might call super powers. What are her super powers? We are told she is telepathic and can physically shift through dimensions by will. This ability to shift through the matrix could also be seen by the viewer as shape shifting. How could super powers like this be real? Agent D has been watching too many CGI movies on Netflix featuring Captain Picard in a wheelchair. Super beings could exist, IF, reality as we know it - is more illusion than we know and if consciousness has a tremendous control over the quantum ether - control over the holographic fabric. This of course was touched upon in the the film The Matrix. Willa is said to possess 'designer genes' or advanced trans-human qualities such as large eyes, thinner body, two hearts, a larger brain and possibly some built in nano technology. She might have a genetically designed consciousness better equipped to control the holographic matrix. This all sounds like magic but it is not a new theory, this trans-human power has been associated with the Tall Grays and even the Small Grays and to some extent, all hybrids. I concede, it does sound like fantasy and here we begin to cross into mind boggling territory where what we thought we knew isn't so solid, where our hard-earned, life long memories play tricks on us.

There is no escaping the fact that Willa looks like an Elf. She looks like a character from a Lord of the Rings fantasy drawing. She has large eyes, the pointed ears, the small frame, the hairy animal qualities and of course her magical abilities. I drew her based upon three verbal descriptions of her appearance. I did not draw her thinking of elves or fantasy pictures. Our first impulse is to dismiss Willa and her appearance as something simply drawn from previous fantasy literature and arts because this elf lore is deeply rooted in our subconscious. But here's where things get weird - it's looking like we've had it all wrong all along and we have to ask: which came first, The Hybrid human or the elf concept? How could the Hybrid being from the future be the source of lore and fantasy in our human past? This calls for wild Agent D speculation, so follow along if you Willa...

It is being brought to our primate attention - from out there in our internet virtual brain - that everything we have been taught about physics is W-R-O-N-G. In fact, there is no giant, black, vacuum void with our exploded big bang glob of matter and scattered atoms making up reality, atoms drifting outward, solitary in the aether. The new information beaming to us now is that in fact our true minds exist outside of the hologram we call the Universe and this mind of ours is creating, on the fly, what we know of as reality through the holographic imaging of billions of parallel realities per second to create the illusion of time and the illusion of space, therefore these billions of parallel realities per second give the illusion of movement. Oh, but wait! How could there be enough parallel realities to sift through to create a motion picture reality? That sounds impossible. Well, the answer is INFINITY. We humans just can't grasp infinity and this is why we get everything utterly wrong and start pouring over ancient ramblings on old, dried parchment papers for the answers to the Universe. Reality doesn't care if we grasp infinity or not - the cold hard fact is, that what we call reality is more akin to an infinite fractal spiraling out forever, with an infinite number of nearly identical parallel realities that our quantum minds interpret, creating the sensation of life and reality. It's all an elaborate illusion based upon the physics of infinity. Simply put, there is not just one version of you, there are infinite versions of you and there is no limit to the outcome. Think about it, do you really believe there is only one fixed quantum path swooping over the event horizon for your life that will play out across time, straight as train tracks, never bending, never to be altered? This single-me concept doesn't sound quite right, especially not in this day and age when each day we are learning more and more about quantum superposition, non-locality, holographic black holes, fractals, string theory, and all that is to come that we simply can't comprehend right now. What we do know is that our previous understanding of physics is constantly being shown to be in error. Humans are doing the best they can in the moment, but you simply don't know what you don't know.

How does this infinite parallel realities concept relate to Willa, Hybrids and super-humans? Our soul or mind exists in the idea of NOW, which has no time or space. Every other person you know, their true mind exists in this NOW, in fact the mind of every other being on every other planet in the Universe, in the Multiverse within All that is, are all in the NOW. Again, there is no time and space in this NOW, no distance, so communication is instant and the truth of it, as seen from the perspective of being in this NOW, is that everything that ever happened and everything that will ever happen exists in the infinite holographic matrix right now. Because our eternal minds originate from this NOW, we can access any point in the multiverse at any time. This also means an infinite number of variations of the multiverse can be accessed at any time and this to some degree is evident through dreams and drug induced hallucinations. This is something you do not have to meditate to do, or focus on, you're doing it automatically a billion times per second. Your mind will not accept this notion simply because our brains are not wired to grasp just how infinite the Universe really is. Anything that stretches outside of our immediate reality sphere will quickly be dismissed as mere fantasy. I concede, there are legitimate challenges to this theory such as -- if the Universe is composed of an infinite variation of wild never ending scenarios and anything goes, then why is life on Planet Earth so fixed? Why do we never see anything out of the ordinary, why does no one ever conjure up something from thin air, or levitate or morph into something weird before our eyes? What I'm about to say to answer this question will sound evasively obvious but if we DID have access to the real potential of the multiverse we wouldn't be having this conversation. Through our questions right here, We are focusing on our human limitation because that's exactly the nature of our reality - limitation.

Earth is a special place with good versus evil and we are individual multiverse chips who have been reformatted clean with no data. We are blank in more ways than one. Here's the point to all this, most of our galactic family are NOT restricted to these particular physics of limitation. Their reality is beyond imagination, so far beyond imagination that they leave us alone for this very reason. To be in proximity to a true cosmic being really brings out the baboon in us and they know this. This is the reason contact is so many things at once: magical, terrifying, mystifying, frustrating, captivating. You and I are the lab rats in this experiment, scurrying about on the crust of planet free will. If you ask me this experiment rather sucks, I see a lot of murder, grief, greed and misery around the world, but I do understand that perhaps there are things we take for granted that spring up from this foundation of terror (such as cheese puffs). The good news is that the experiment appears to be drawing to a close. And like a thumping helicopter decending out of the heavy clouds to rescue our dangling bodies on a wet cliff - our galactic family, again who exist in the eternal NOW, are materializing out of the NOW and slowly making contact with the disoriented, mad, indigenous primates who about this time, are at each others throats. Their message is basically "here we come get ready..." and "...here's what reality is really about."

Indeed, we are getting a lot of high level messages and in my opinion after nearly 20 years of UFO research, this is real-time contact from ETs to humans. Most people don't believe it and I can't blame them. Nobody likes the idea of channeling and although I now believe in channeling, if someone else mentions channeling to me, I still feel repulsed - so I'm very sympathetic to the skepticism of others. It's like watching someone eat fried pork skin out of a greasy bag. It's okay if I'm eating pork scratchin's but if I were to turn and see you eating scratchins, I'll be grossed out and sick -- nose picking also makes a good analogy to channeling. The only way anyone can be convinced this is real and legitimate is to listen to 100 hours of Bashar speaking on Youtube. After a few dozen videos you will slowly begin to realize no mere human brain can speak so long about so many complicated subjects without making a grammatical error and with no hesitation in the delivery when something hardcore is demanded of him. So the evidence or proof of this channeling being real is given in a clever way to us, through a shadow - through the absence of error.

What makes Willa unique is that she is a hybrid being from "up line" or what we could call the future although she can communicate with us today because all conscious beings exist in the timeless NOW. This is a chance to hear about the future and I've created this drawing of Willa Hillicrissing to give us a chance to -see- the future as well. Willa reveals to us that humans will shortly become more trans-human and will possess greater powers and exist in a world of open contact and peace. Keep in mind that from Willa's perspective you and I are all dead and long gone - we are the ancient ones who lived in a savage world before Universal contact. All is not lost however, as this span of years which started in 2013 represent the slow climb out of the dark muck back into the light of technology and truth. You and I live in an interesting time because we have one foot in the savage era and one foot in the ET era and we are literally straddling that line this very moment. Events are changing rapidly however and over the next few years we are being told that contact and disclosure will accelerate.

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